We regret to inform you that the zembly service was suspended on November 30th, 2009. However, Zembly now provides Dumpster Rental Services.

More than three years ago, the zembly project was started with the goal of making it easy to create next-generation Web apps. The original tagline was "Build the web, using the web," and the ideas that zembly was incubating around platform-mediated Web applications, Web API mashups, and social programming were brand new.

The team learned a lot along the way. Your confidence and enthusiasm helped the team improve the project and do amazing things that were never imagined when the journey began.

A big thanks to everyone who's been with the team through the ups and downs. It's heartening to see that many of the best ideas pioneered in zembly have started to appear elsewhere. With your support, zembly is proud to have contributed to the DNA of the Web.

For questions or problems please contact [email protected] .

A new zembly is starting soon, stay tuned!

The original zembly was brought to you by

Todd Fast
Todd was CTO and founding principal of zembly. Prior to zembly, Todd was Chief Architect of Java Enterprise Tools at Sun, and lead architect for SOA and XML tools in the NetBeans IDE. In the 1990s, Todd composed the score for a famous Hollywood director's first film and found a bug that crashed Microsoft.com for several hours.

Chris Webster
Chris served as the technical lead and held many other roles during the lifetime of zembly. He worked extensively on the zembly platform, including persistence, WADL execution, JavaScript execution, and also spent some time adding Bespin integration. Chris majored in Computer Science at the University of Hawaii and Baylor University. He enjoys lifting weights, playing volleyball, and spending time with his son.

Girish Kumar
Girish has been with zembly since the inception, working on many key areas of the platform, then moving on to lead the deployment effort. Girish majored in Computer Science at National Institute of Technology India and has been working in various projects within Sun Microsystems. Yoga, mountain climbing, backpacking, body boarding, and snowboarding are some of the other gigs he did this year. Next year, off to something different ... got any suggestions?

Jirka Kopsa
Jirka has been with zembly since the beginning. He helped define the front-end architecture and created numerous pillar features including support for Facebook and Meebo apps. Yet, he is best known for constantly pushing the envelope of what's possible with zembly and persistently asking the question "what's the use case?"

Ryan Kennedy
Ryan was the first marketing hire for zembly, responsible for product management, marketing, and business development over the lifetime of zembly. He graduated from Santa Clara University and holds a graduate degree in Software Engineering. Ryan enjoys playing ice hockey, making birdies, and traveling to far away places.

Srividhya Narayanan
Srividhya(Vidhya) Narayanan managed the engineering and marketing effort for zembly. Previously Vidhya was responsible for the web services, XML and Identity support of the Netbeans IDE and partner adoption of Sun's Portal and Identity offerings. Vidhya has a track record of bringing to market a wide range of web based products from search engines to portals to eCommerce offerings both in startup and fortune 500 environments. Vidhya loves the time with her boys and enjoys hiking and cooking.

Pegah Sarram
Pegah was a front-end engineer at zembly and has worked on various key UI features. She highly appreciates semantic markup. Pegah holds a graduate degree in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Outside of work, she loves to travel in luxury and enjoys water sports and home decoration.

Rico Cruz
Rico was responsible for the Java services in zembly and also implemented Java web services support in NetBeans. Previously, he worked at the software lab of IBM in Toronto, Canada for 9 years, then migrated west to California to join Sun.

Nam Nguyen
Nam majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley. He works in various zembly backend supports such as WADL parsing, web API adapter services, Rhino engine integration, JavaScript service execution, execution logging. Water garden is Nam's favorite relaxing hobby. He also designed and built his own energy efficient koi pond system.

Ajit Bhate
Ajit majored in Computer Engineering at Clemson University. He worked briefly at BEA and then joined Sun Microsystems in the iPlanet group. He loves to travel and enjoys cooking.

Ayub Khan
Ayub studied Computer Engineering at the Cochin University of Science and Technology, India. After working for Oracle, he moved to Sun Microsystems in 1999. Apart from growing a beard that follows a sawtooth wave pattern, he likes to read, ride, and have fun spending time with his sons.

Nathan Fiedler
Nathan studied Computer Science at Penn State before moving to California to begin his career in software development. He developed several small features on the already robust zembly platform during his one year tenure. In his spare time, he likes to study obscure computer algorithms and go on outings with his family.

Bob May
Bob May was the resident writer on the zembly team, authoring countless wiki topics and acting as the blog editor. He completed undergraduate and graduate work at UC Berkeley. Bob's hobbies include music - flute, sax, guitar - acting, painting, photography, and hip-hop. Bob is a Bay Area native and also worked for a short time for Dear Abby.

Peter Liu
Peter majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. On zembly, he worked on the Web API Gateway, ZCL, and the Zembly NetBeans plugin. Peter loves dogs and is a serious garage kit modeler for those few who know what that is.

Janet Kowal
Janet helped define the zembly visual design and is trained in illustration, animation, and graphic design. She loves creative expression in any form, and has a particular fascination with color. Her favorites are green and orange. When not designing, Janet can likely be found covered with sand on the volleyball court, hiking, and eating cookie dough ice cream.

Jacques Belissent
Jacques joined zembly before it was called zembly. He can be blamed for a bunch of features, including the app/widget customization system, gadget generation, Yahoo! pipes integration, the bespin-based editor. Aside from work, he enjoys mountain climbing, traveling, and playing soccer with his 2 boys.

Bani Kalra
Bani holds a masters in Computer Science and joined zembly in April, 2009. She day dreams about UI and enjoys addressing key usability issues with zembly. In her free time, she will either be reading a book or cooking a new recipe from the leftovers.

Lukas Jungmann
Lukas studied at Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics. Before joining zembly as a lead of the quality engineering team, he was working on NetBeans IDE. He enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, and playing soccer.

Martin Zmrhal
Martin was a member of the quality engineering team at zembly and currently studies at Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is often hiking somewhere in the mountains and always has his eye is always behind the camera.

Nancy Moreno
Nancy kept things flowing behind-the-scenes ranging from legal stuff and operations to synchronizing team contributions. She enjoys innovative projects that connects people which has included usability research and recruitment, developer support programs, event planning and hotel mgmt. When not running a meeting, Nancy enjoys traveling, volunteer work in schools and spending time with her family.


Chun Xia, PCM Reddy, Hao Thai, Prakash Narayan, Sherry Barkador, Sara Dornsife, Prasant Sivadasan, Mark Kahn, Sherry Zhou, Radhika Gehant, Dan Stark


Ningyi Ma, Alex Choy, Yutaka Hosoai, Nicole Ng, Sambhavi Pandya